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Zoom Groom Dog Brush

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Product Description

Trips to the groomer can be expensive and time consuming. The Zoom Groom makes it easy to clean your dog's coat and promote healthy skin. The one-piece, flexible rubber design attracts unwanted hair, dead skin, and dander while delivering a gentle massage. The Zoom Groom works well dry and even better when you're giving your dog a bath. You'll get your dog's hair clean down to the skin and enjoy less shedding and a happier dog.

How To Use a Kong Zoom Groom?

You can use the Zoom Groom brush for both dry-brushing, as well as while bathing your dog. To use the Zoom Groom brush, do the following

  • Take the Zoom Groom and brush it against your dog's fur in a circular motion. Be gentle as you do so. This is for dry-brushing.
  • For showers or baths, first, apply shampoo on the Zoom Groom dog brush. Then, gently run the brush across the dog's wet hair. Finally, once you are done, just rinse your dog with water. Also, be sure to rinse the brush as well.

NOTE: Do not use excessive force while grooming with the Zoom Groom.

Does Kong Zoom Groom Work For Maine Coon Cats?

Yes, you can use the KONG Zoom Groom for Maine Coon cats.

Given the size of their fur, most people prefer using combs for Maine Coon cats. However, Zoom Groom is just as effective if not more. During shedding season, the Zoom Groom will take care of any loose fur. It removes loose hair like any high-quality comb. Combs, however, may hurt the cat. Zoom Groom, on the other hand, will not allow that to happen, thanks to its softness.

Does Zoom Groom Hurt My Dog?

No, Zoom Groom will not hurt your dog.

The Zoom Groom brush is made in the USA out of 100% natural rubber. It is very soft and cannot hurt your dog in any way. For a grooming and shampooing brush, Zoom Groom is a really good option.

However, while you massage your dog, you need to be gentle. The Zoom Groom brushes are safe, but exerting too much pressure during the massage might hurt your dog.

How Does The Zoom Groom Work?

The Zoom Groom promotes natural oil production for healthy skin in dogs. It does so through the help of stimulation.

When you use the Zoom Groom in a circular motion, you are not only getting rid of excess or loose fur but also helping generate natural oil in your dog's skin. The natural oil produced due to this helps relieve anxiety and make your dogs feel comfortable. Plus, the Zoom Groom also helps get rid of dead skin cells, which in turn leaves the door open for the generation of healthy cells.

How Often To Use a Zoom Groom?

You can use the Zoom Groom regularly; it is perfectly safe to do so. Normally, grooming with the Zoom Groom once a week should be good enough for your dog. It will help get rid of the loose hair.

During shedding seasons, you might want to use the Zoom Groom dog brush a few times a day. Every day, you will see a small amount of hair sticking to the brush. Unless you do the brushing daily, at the end of the week, you will have to deal with a huge pile of loose hair. And that will only make things difficult for you.

How To Clean Kong Zoom Groom?

You can clean the KONG Zoom Groom with just water and dish soap.

One of the many problems with combs is that when you use them on your dogs, the loose hair sticks to them. So when you have to clean the combs, you are going to have to put in a lot of effort. Removing the dog hair from the comb can be quite frustrating. Not to mention, the hair gets tangled in the comb-teeth, which makes things more difficult for you.

However, with the Zoom Groom dog brush, you will not be having this problem. The Zoom Groom is very easy to clean. And you can clean it by following these simple steps

  • Gently tap the Zoom Groom on a hard surface. Doing so will allow you to get rid of any tiny hair that is sticking to the brush.
  • Then, give the brush a nice treatment of warm water and dish soap.
  • Soak the Zoom Groom brush in warm water and dish soap to get rid of sticky hair.
  • Finally, use a toothbrush for scrubbing the inside of the Zoom Groom, and then rinse with water.

When Should I Stop Brushing With a Zoom Groom?

If your dog has extremely short hair or damaged skin, you should stop brushing with the Zoom Groom. Although the brush itself is safe, it can hurt your dog if it comes in contact with the damaged areas. Besides, you need to be extra careful while using the brush on a dog or puppy that has short hair. Be more gentle than usual.


Use gentle strokes on your dog any time. Zoom Groom works especially well during a bath. use the Zoom Groom to massage the shampoo into your dog's coat and skin.

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