Gumabone Chicken

Gumabone Chicken

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Product Description

New chicken-flavored Gumabone with baked-in flavor particles is now available in five sizes. Contains real chicken meal. Independent studies have shown this product to be irresistible to dogs!

What Is a Gumabone?

Nylabone Gumabone bones are made from an inert soft thermoplastic polymer. Veterinarians recommend them for teething puppies and senior dogs. They are more flexible than the traditional Nylabone dog chew.

Is Nylabone Gumabone Safe for Dogs?

For your teething puppies, the best choices are nylon bones, bully sticks, sturdy rubber toys, and other chews. These are safe and long-lasting.

Nylabone Gumabone bones are also a preferred choice and are safe for your dogs.

The wrong choice of chew can lead to teeth breakage and pain for your dog. So choosing the right chew is critical.

Do Vets Recommend Nylabones Gumabone?

Nylabones Gumabone is vet recommended as they help massage a dog's gums and are not harsh on the teeth. The flavourful chews help keep them busy for hours and also cleans their teeth.

This chew, however, is not recommended for aggressive chewers.

When Should You Throw Out a Nylabone Gumabone?

When the Nylabone starts to become ripped, you should throw it and get your dog a new one. Chews once ripped, might give out stuffing or squeaker. Damaged toys might have sharp edges that can injure your dog.

Is Nylabones Ok for Puppies?

Nylabone moderate chews are perfect for your gentle cheer. It is a chicken chew toy, made with a softer, flexible material. These do not affect your dog's teeth.

The irresistible chicken flavor throughout the bone makes it a satisfying and occupying way to relax for your dog. It helps the dogs to cope with separation anxiety and avoid destructive chewing.

An added advantage is the reduction of the plaque and tartar buildup of your dog upon its use. The Moderate chews come in different sizes, and so a perfect bone for your dog can always be found.

What Happens if My Puppy Eats a Nylabone?

Please contact your veterinarian or any local vet near you if your dog has eaten a part or all of the Nylabone. A Nylabone swallowed can be fatal and can get stuck and cause damage or blockage.

How Long Should a Nylabone Gumabone Last?

Pet owners often wash the toys and reuse them, but a worn-out bone is not recommended for prolonged use. The longevity of the bone however lasts on your dog's chewing rate.

When the Nylabone starts to become ripped, you should throw it and get your dog a new one. Chews once ripped, might give out stuffing or squeaker. Damaged toys might have sharp edges that can injure your dog.

Are Nylabone Gumabones Good For Teething Puppies?

Teething puppies are prone to chewing things that they see around. Veterinarians recommend using something soft and edible, and something hard to give your dog full coverage. The best option to opt for is a chew or bone.

A Nylabone Gumabone is soft and with a chicken flavor, it keeps the puppies busy for a long time. It can be your choice of bone for your teething puppy.

Is a chew toy good for dogs?

Chew toys help take care of your dog's dental health. These help clean your dog's teeth and gums. Chewing scrapes the tartar and helps to smoothen teeth. It also leads to the promotion of antibacterial saliva that cleans your dog's mouth.

How long should I let my dog chew on his bones?

Your dog chewing a bone should always be under your supervision. Dogs can chew for hours if you do not remove the chew after 10-15 minutes. The bones, either raw, non-digestible chew toy, or bone-shaped chew, remove after 10-15 minutes.

What chew toys are bad for dogs?

Antlers, cow bones, bones, hard plastic chews, or even ice cubes can crack your dog's teeth. Be cautious when you select the appropriate chew toy for your dog. The most common teeth fractures seen in dogs are carnassial teeth or the large upper premolars.

Can I put my dog's Nylabone in the dishwasher?

You should not boil the Nylabone chew toys and treats. You can not wash a Nylabone using a washing machine, microwave oven, or dishwasher. The best way to clean a Nylabone is to use a brush and warm water with mild non-toxic detergents. Rinse through post-cleaning.

What size chew toy should I give my dog?

The selection of the appropriate chew toy type and size is critical. The factors you should consider are your dog's breed, age, weight, and chewing style.

Vets recommend that non-edible chew toys should be large enough to chew from sides rather than from the top or bottom. Selecting the chew for powerful chewers should be done carefully.

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