Antirobe Caps

Antirobe Caps

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Product Description

Antirobe Caps is a highly effective antibiotic used to treat soft tissue infections (infected wounds and abscesses), dental infections (infected mouth cavity), and bone infections (osteomyelitis) in cats and dogs.

This particular medication is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotics for pets. Antirobe Caps work by penetrating the source of the bacterial infection and suppressing further protein synthesis and growth. This medication is available in easy-to-administer capsules that can be obtained with a prescription from your pet's veterinarian.

Antirobe Caps is a potent and versatile antibiotic designed to effectively treat a wide range of bacterial infections in dogs. As one of the commonly prescribed antibiotics for canine health, Antirobe Caps play a crucial role in addressing various ailments caused by bacterial pathogens. This oral antibiotic is particularly well-suited for treating skin infections, including soft tissue infections, dental infections, and yeast infections.

Vet professionals often prescribe Antirobe Caps for its proven efficacy in managing bacterial infections affecting different parts of a dog's body. From urinary tract infections to bone infections, Antirobe Caps is a trusted antibiotic treatment that helps combat the spread of bacteria, promoting a swift recovery for our canine companions.

Antirobe Caps are essential in the arsenal of antibiotics for dogs, offering targeted therapy for parasitic infections and serving as an effective solution for commonly encountered bacterial challenges. Veterinarians commonly prescribe Antirobe Caps to address the diverse spectrum of bacterial infections, ensuring that dogs receive the necessary oral antibiotics to combat the specific pathogens responsible for their health issues.

Antirobe Caps belong to the lincosamide class of antibiotics. The active ingredient, clindamycin, specifically targets bacterial protein synthesis.

Mechanism of Action:

Clindamycin inhibits bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 50S subunit of bacterial ribosomes. Ribosomes are cellular structures responsible for assembling amino acids into proteins. By binding to the ribosome, clindamycin prevents the formation of peptide bonds between amino acids, disrupting the elongation of the protein chain and ultimately inhibiting bacterial growth.

Clindamycin is considered bacteriostatic, inhibiting bacteria growth and reproduction rather than directly killing them. However, at higher concentrations or against certain susceptible bacteria, it can exhibit bactericidal effects by disrupting essential cellular processes.

Clindamycin has a broad spectrum of activity against both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It is effective against Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, and some anaerobic bacteria like Clostridium and Bacteroides. However, it is less active against Gram-negative bacteria.

One notable feature of clindamycin is its excellent activity against anaerobic bacteria, making it particularly useful in treating infections involving these organisms, such as dental, skin, and soft tissue infections.

Clindamycin is well-absorbed after oral administration, reaching therapeutic concentrations in various tissues and body fluids, including bone. This distribution is advantageous in treating infections affecting different parts of the body.

Clindamycin has an additional mechanism of action involving the inhibition of bacterial toxin production. This property can be beneficial in treating certain infections where toxins contribute to the overall pathogenicity, such as in cases of severe skin and soft tissue infections.

Clindamycin undergoes hepatic metabolism and is primarily excreted in the bile. A small portion of the drug is also excreted in the urine. The pharmacokinetics of clindamycin may be altered in cases of hepatic dysfunction.

The typical dosage for Antirobe Caps is 5.5 mg/kg once a day or 11 mg/kg twice a day for seven to ten days. Results can be seen in as little as fifteen minutes after the dosage. Your pet's symptoms may get better before the length of the prescription, but it is important to complete the medication as directed by your veterinarian.

An effective and affordable generic Antirobe Caps isClindamycin HCl Caps.

Anitrobe Caps, being an antibiotic, has its share of side effects; animals taking the medication will experience loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, anorexia, etc.

With its well-established reputation, Antirobe Caps stand out as a reliable choice for dog owners seeking an antibiotic solution that not only targets bacterial infections but also provides a comprehensive approach to oral antibiotics. Whether it's tackling skin, dental, or urinary tract infections, Antirobe Caps remains a go-to option for veterinarians aiming to prescribe antibiotics that offer both safety and efficacy in the treatment of bacterial infections in dogs.

Side Effects & Warnings

Anitrobe Caps are only prescribed for use in dogs alone. Do not use the medication in animals that have a higher degree of sensitivity to combinations of lincomycin or Anitrobe Caps. In case the medication is prescribed for a prolonged therapy of over a month or more, periodic diagnosis is imperative to detect liver or kidney troubles in the dog. Be cautious while using the medicine in dogs that are taking neuromuscular blocking agents, as Anitrobe Caps hydrochloride is reported to contain neuromuscular blocking properties. Also, the affect of the medicine in breeding or nursing dogs has not been clinically proven, so take extra care in administering the medicine to such animals. In addition, increased dosage can result in extreme loss of weight

Side effects may include an upset stomach, causing vomiting and diarrhea. More serious effects may occur if an allergic reaction is triggered.



Anitrobe Caps are indicated for the treatment of soft-tissue infections, osteomyelitis, and periodontal diseases in dogs alone. The medication is the most commonly prescribed antibiotic, and is effective in treating pus-filled infections, post-surgical infections, deep penetrating wounds, and abscesses, and arrests the advent of foreign bodies. Anitrobe Caps are an oral medication available by prescription in convenient capsules. Anitrobe Caps, the active component in the medicine is an effective semisynthetic antibiotic and is responsible for the therapeutic effects the medicine displays. Once the medication is taken, Anitrobe Caps act in association with white blood cells for speedy recovery of the infected area. Response is quick and effective results could be registered in less than 15 minutes. The medicine also displays high penetration power into enzymes protecting bones that makes it effective in treating bone infections.


Use as directed by a veterinarian. Typically, dosage is 5.5 mg/kg once a day, or 11 mg/kg twice a day, for 7 to 10 days.

Do not administer antirobe capsules to animals with liver or kidney problems. Periodically test the liver and kidneys of otherwise healthy animals being treated with antirobe capsules for longer than a month.

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