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Save money when caring for your pet all year long.


Save $46/year

flea and thick
Flea & tick

Save $80/year


Vitamins & Supplements, and an occasional Prescripton if your dog gets sick.


Save $72/year

Estimated member annual savings for the year $198

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don’t waste money at the Vet

Don’t know if you need to go to a Vet?

Access a vet specialist 24/7 via email,
chat or phone. PetPlus members can easily save between $300 and $800/year on unnecessary vet visits.

Normally a $170/year value.
Free with PetPlus.

Our pillars of pet care


I have saved a
bunch of buckaroos
being a member. A lot
of times these
subscription plans aren't
worth the effort but
this one has
really paid off.

Jim + Dotty
Sunnyvale, CA


I love the
flexibility of on-line
ordering of his med
or being able to
get it in CVS!!

Annette + Zakk
Babylon, NY

peace of mind

Thank you for
having this club to
assist those of us who
want to make a
happy, comfortable
life for our pets.

Barbara + Lil’ Will
Floral City, FL

PetPlus Promise

If by the end of a 1-year membership, you have not
achieved total savings on all eligible purchases and
services with the PetPlus plan that is equal to or greater
than the membership fee, you are eligible for credit equal
to the difference between the membership fee and your
total savings.