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About ThyroVet 
ThyroVet (L-Thyroxine) is a veterinary medication used to treat hypothyroidism in dogs and cats. Hypothyroidism is a condition associated with low circulating thyroid hormones. If your dog or cat has this condition, ThyroVet (L-Thyroxine) is a synthetic hormone replacement for the thyroid hormone. Once the medication has been administered, the active ingredient, Levothyroxine, is then absorbed into the bloodstream and carries out the tasks that a thyroid hormone usually would. Your pet will soon have more energy and vitality.
ThyroVet comes in tablet form and is taken orally. It can be given to your pet directly or mixed together with your pet's food, and the dosage is usually determined by examining the blood levels of thyroxine. The prescription is sure to provide your pet with fast relief and obvious overall improvement in his health.

Key Benefits of ThyroVet 

  • Corrects conditions associated with hypothyroidism
  • Quickly relieves symptoms
  • Easy to administer to your pet

Who's ThyroVet For? 

The active ingredient is Levothyroxine, a synthetic replacement for the thyroid hormone. It is absorbed into the bloodstream, and carries out the tasks of the hormone it has replaced.

ThyroVet Ingredients 

Side Effects and Warnings 
There are no side effects in most cases. There can be differences when the pet has a preexisting heart condition; consult a veterinarian regarding these risks.

ThyroVet Directions 
The initial daily dose is based on weight: 0.1 per 0.2 mg/10 pounds to be administered daily twice a day.