Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone)

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About Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) 
Temaril-P (Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) is an FDA-approved prescription medication for dogs that is used to treat itching and coughing (including kennel cough) in dogs. The combination formula provides a three-way therapeutic effect: antipruritic, antitussive, and anti-inflammatory. The trimeprazine in Temaril-P acts as an agent for antipruritic and antitussive and helps relieve frustrating bouts of itching and coughing. The prednisolone acts as the anti-inflammatory agent, providing treatment for inflammation and pain. Temaril-P also prevents the development of pustules (raw areas) that are created by excessive scratching.

Key Benefits of Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) 

  • Treats various conditions, such as kennel cough and bronchitis
  • Relieves itching and reduces inflammation
  • Prevents the development of raw areas that are created by excessive scratching

Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) Ingredients 

Side Effects and Warnings 
Temaril-P can cause an upset stomach (nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea), dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy and muscle weakness, or symptoms of Cushing's disease, hunger and thirst, and increased urination. More serious effects can occur in pets suffering from renal or hepatic diseases, or in pets that are immuno-suppressed; take care when treating animals with such preexisting conditions.
Consult your veterinarian before starting this medication, especially if your pet is taking other medicine or over the counter sedatives, anesthetics or pain medications.

Temaril-P ( Trimeprazine / Prednisolone) Directions 
Temaril-P is an oral tablet that should be administered daily. Specific dosage is dependent on the weight of the animal.

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