Norvasc (amlodipine besylate)

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About Norvasc

Just like how your doctor takes your blood pressure at every appointment, your vet does the same thing. If your dog or cat suffers from high blood pressure, Norvasc can help. Norvasc controls high blood pressure for a full 24 hours and can be used to treat the chest pain of angina. Norvasc works to relax your cat or dog's blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily through them. The end result is lower blood pressure and less angina which makes for a healthier pet.

Key Benefits of Norvasc 

  • Controls high blood pressure in cats and dogs
  • Helps lessen angina
  • Relaxes the blood vessels

Norvasc Ingredients

Amlodipine besylate

Side Effects and Warnings

  • In clinical trials the most common side effects are headaches, edema, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • In cats, side effects are rare, but may include drowsiness, loss of appetite, weight loss, swelling of the gums, or rapid heart rate.
  • In dogs, Norvasc may also cause the blood to take longer to clot.
  • Other side effects may also occur. Talk to your veterinarian about any side effect that seems unusual or bothersome to the animal.

Norvasc Directions

Use as directed by your veterinarian.